Mastering efficient design and
delivery, the key to sustaining
the construction industry

7 – 9 June 2021, Online

Day 1

10:00 UAE
Putting the Value in

Value Engineering

Panelists will discuss how efficient design, stakeholder alignment, robust contract and supply chain management frameworks can unlock value and safeguard margins.

Talking Points:

  • Selecting an optimum site location, building designs and most efficient use of resources in the built environment provide high performance and sustainable buildings.
  • Overlooking the significance of aligning stakeholders can be the downfall to even the most promising of products. It may be a series of potholes in the form of rapid fire critics early on that destroy positive momentum, or it could be a total roadblock just a few miles from the finish line. In our experience, by channeling stakeholder input effectively throughout the course of the project, even the most organizationally disruptive products can be adopted wholeheartedly in the end.
  • The aim of a robust contract management framework is to ensure that all parties meet their obligations.
  • Supply chain management requires a holistic perspective and a view of organisations as parts of a process. It involves the ability to look beyond organisational boundaries, and a recognition of the interdependence of organisations.

Moderator: Nicky Dobreanu, Member, CIOB Dubai Hub


  • Allison Wicks, Founder & Managing Partner, Qualitaz
  • Kieran Duckworth, Main Board Director, Omnium International
  • Lee Hewitt, Managing Partner, Core Emirates
  • Tony Owens, Technical Director, Cundall

12:00 PM


The real value of Value Engineering – Jamil Jadallah, CEO of NEB, talks live about building with integrity


Day 2

10:00 UAE
Going Digital

Making Informed Decisions

The construction industry has traditionally been quite averse to adopting new technology, while data was also placed in silos with very limited use. Recent events and the resulting pressures may have finally give firms the push they needed to go down the digital route. Rich data, realistic modelling and other digital tools could enable the industry to drastically reduce wastage, achieve sustainable targets, enhance quality and secure healthier margins.

Talking Points:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the construction industry and the adoption of technology.
  • 4D Planning and Innovation on construction programmes.
  • BIM advancements and its impact on project delivery.
  • Blockchain technology and smart contracts.
  • Geotechnical information and advances in engineering and surveying.

Moderator: John Shenton, Regional Contracts Manager – GCC, Averda


  • Carolina Fong Guzzy, Co-Founder/Digital Engineering Manager, Accienta
  • James Frampton, Business Development Director – Middle East, SoftwareOne / MTWO Construction Cloud
  • Suhail Arfath, Director Digital Transformations & Innovation, Hloov

12:00 PM

Virtual Presentation

Unlock the Power of Data in Construction

Do you have instant visibility to all levels of your project data for the needed analysis, project control and decision making? Learn from this session how you can manage and maximise the value of your data to empower your work.


Day 3

10:00 UAE

Improving Sustainability

Making assets more sustainable isn’t just great for the environment, it can also help clients to extract maximum value from the asset over its entire lifecycle. In this panel discussion experts will examine how clients’ sustainability goals and business objectives can be met through refurbishments that leverage true value engineering processes and methodologies.

Talking Points:

  • The role of remanufacturing / refurbishing (emerging industry) in sustainable construction and circular economies
  • The industry drivers and blockers
  • The industry challenges and how these can be addressed
  • What’s the value added from sustainable refurbishments/ renovations to developers/ owners (Vision, objectives, financial, environmental, social responsibility, branding, etc.)
  • Are sustainable refurbishments now considered best practice or are they trending due to enforced governmental regulations/ legislations?
  • The main components of sustainable refurbishments/ renovations (beyond energy) and expert tips/ recommendations to maximize their value and sustainable impact
  • Incentives to promote sustainable refurbishments

Moderator: Engi Jaber, CEO/Managing Director, Climatize Engineering Consultants


  • Luke Somerville, Director, Compass Project Consulting
  • Malcolm Cloughley MacLeod, Head of Projects/Partner at U+A
  • Nathan Cartwright, Executive Director, NV5 Limited
  • Ryan Hendricks, Associate Director, Turner & Townsend